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Over $15,000,000 in scholarships were awarded to graduating classes.

An additional 93% received funds from the GA HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarship Fund.

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What Is Edison?

The Edison program is designed to support students in K-4 through 12th grades to reach their full academic potential. The Edison goal is to support and provide remediation for students who struggle academically. Students with learning challenges such as an identified learning disability or attention issues are identified through an educational-psychological evaluation, current within three years and are given learning support through academic accommodations.

Who is eligible for the program?

• Current students who are struggling academically and recommended by a teacher, parent, or administrator
• Students with a current educational-psychological test on file with FCS stating the student needs classroom accommodations to achieve academic success
• Students new to FCS with current educational-psychological testing who require Edison as a part of their admissions process.
• Current FCS students whose re-enrollment requirement is to join the Edison program.

Is there anyone that may not be served at FCS?

We are not equipped to serve students who have learning differences due to emotional, social, or behavioral issues, nor can we accommodate students who need a small classroom to be academically successful. Students need to have the IQ potential to successfully master a college-preparatory curriculum.

May I provide my own tutor?

The Edison program remediates skills and offers the support most students need for success. In cases needing specialists such as an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist or other type of specialized assistance, we accommodate the specialists on campus whenever possible. Occasionally a student may have academic deficits that require outside tutoring for a short period of time. We are happy to assist by offering tutors to address specific needs.

What specific support does the Edison provide?

The Edison Director utilizes the educational-psychological report and feedback from parents and teachers to write an Accommodation Plan for the classroom. An Accommodation Plan meeting is scheduled to review the plan. The student’s parents, teachers, and the Edison teacher partner to review the document and discuss academic support for the student. Throughout the year the Edison teacher continues to assist the classroom teachers in implementing and monitoring the plan.

At the Elementary level an inclusion teaching model is utilized with occasional pull-out. The Edison teacher coordinates writing lesson plans and teaching responsibilities with the classroom teacher so the student is supported within the classroom with his/her peers. The Edison teacher focuses instruction on the Edison student providing support and remediation which can be immediately implemented into the student’s curriculum. If an Edison student shows gaps in learning the Edison teacher instructs the student in the Edison room to fill the gaps and returns the student to his/her classroom as soon as possible.

Does my student qualify for accommodations on the SAT or ACT?

The SAT and ACT college testing boards make their own decisions on whether a student may receive testing accommodations. Two weeks are needed to complete the application process for accommodations on the SAT or ACT. Applications must be submitted to the college testing boards for review seven weeks prior to testing. The Edison Director works with the FCS College guidance counselor to assist parents in submitting testing accommodations requests

What if my student has formalized testing completed mid-year?

When a formal academic assessment is completed mid-year and accommodations are recommended for classroom or for testing they are implemented through contracting with the Edison program. When formalized testing is submitted to FCS that necessitates classroom or testing accommodations it is implemented through contracting with the Edison program. Upon contracting, the Edison Director reviews the student’s testing, writes the Accommodation Plan, and schedules a meeting with the student’s parents, teachers, and the Edison teacher. This process takes two to three weeks. If your student has formalized testing completed mid-year and is identified with learning needs, please contact the Edison Director to discuss the next steps to implement academic support.

What if I need my child’s teacher to complete paperwork?

Pediatricians and psychologists often request teacher feedback through surveys and other forms as a part of their testing. All teacher forms are given to the Edison director who distributes them to teachers, collects and sends to the doctors. Please allow a minimum of five working days for completion of the forms. It is FCS policy that all completed paperwork is sent directly to the doctor or originating institution.

Is there an extra cost for Edison?

The cost for Edison is $2,500 and encompasses the full school year. Admission is based on a contractual agreement. The cost of the Edison program may be added to the existing tuition contract. Please contact the Edison Project Director for enrollment.

How many teachers are in the Edison program?

Edison is comprised of three teachers and a director. Each teacher is certified in their division of instruction; one teacher each for elementary, middle and high school divisions. The director oversees the program, reads testing results, writes accommodation plans, meets with parents and outside professionals, is the liaison for the division administrators, conferences with teachers, administers testing, researches and chooses educational materials for the Edison program, observes students, stays abreast of current special education law, and offers classroom teacher support and education for students who learn differently.

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