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Drew Cutchins and Julia Young have advanced to the Governor’s Honors Program State level semi-finalists interviews at Berry College, Rome, Georgia.

Proud to be a Paladin


Over $11,000,000 in scholarships were awarded to graduating classes.

An additional 92% received funds from the GA HOPE Scholarship Fund.

Average GPA Profile


Average Test Score Profile

ACT 24-27

SAT 1540-1860

Service Profile

100% Participation

A hallmark of an FCS education,
service opportunities enhance and
enrich the academic experience.

What is Georgia GOAL?

An opportunity to redirect your Georgia tax dollars to Fellowship Christian School for the purpose of providing financial aid assistance to FCS students.

Fellowship currently has 25 students on GOAL Scholarship! By applying today you can tell the State of Georgia to use your tax dollars to provide other children the opportunity to attend FCS.

The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program has become so popular that the demand for credits has exceeded the maximum amount permitted by law. Therefore, the tax credits are prorated based on the number of applications received. You can help provide the scholarship dollars by applying for your tax credit today. Whatever amount you are approved for (due to proration) and pay, FCS will receive 100% of your re-directed tax dollars and you will receive 100% Georgia income tax credit. It’s a win-win for you and Fellowship!

How You Can Participate:

The state allows taxpayers to take part in GOAL at the following maximum credits:

· Single filers – up to $1,000

· Married and filing jointly – up to $2,500

· Individual owner of a S-Corp, LLC, or Partnership (pass-through entity)–up to 10,000

(If taxpayer’s spouse is also an owner, the couple may be allowed a tax credit of $10,000 each, for a total of $20,000.)

· C-Corporations – up to 75% of Georgia tax liability

Apply Today:

Please take just 20 seconds to apply for your 2017 tax credit by completing this online application form. Nothing further is required until your payment is due in mid-March of 2017.

Take the Credit:

You will claim a tax credit on your 2017 Georgia income tax return for the full amount of your contribution to GOAL, thereby recouping your funds. (Georgia GOAL will send you instructions for claiming the tax credit.)

If you have any questions, please contact Daly Foster.

Let’s go for the GOAL! Thank you for participating!

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