The life sciences comprise the fields of science that involve the scientific study of living organisms – such as microorganisms, plants, animals, and human beings – as well as oceanography and ecology. The life sciences explore the structure, function and evolution of diverse living systems. They addresses some of the most important issues of our time—genetic engineering, stem cell research, obesity, cancer and effects of global warming. Students in this Pathway typically like biology. They may be interested in human or animal health, healthcare, ecology, botany, or genetics. They may have a passion to bring a Biblical world view to the conversation.

Additionally, the 21st century is seeing a synthesis between the life and physical sciences. New fields of study in bio-chemistry and bio-physics are being offered at many universities. Many students who pursue a life science degree in college will continue in graduate school and may enter one of these new and exciting career fields. Students in this pathway are typically preparing themselves for careers as a research scientist, applied engineer, new product developer, or teacher.

Course Plan

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