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Hear from Dr. Aaron Farrant

Dear Families of Fellowship Christian School, 

I am humbled and honored to be selected by the Board as your next Head of School. I cannot wait to join the school community full-time this summer as I look forward to working alongside the school's amazing leaders and strong team.

My passion for Christian education started when I was young, as I was blessed to attend a covenant Christian school from preschool through my high school graduation. These experiences were instrumental in shaping me into the person I am today. 


It allowed me to be surrounded by people who loved God and did more than instruct me in school subjects. They poured into me spiritually and helped shape my character. They affirmed that I was a child of God and created for a purpose. They guided me and supported me as I developed a Christian worldview.

After working in the business world and helping to plant a church, God saw fit to call me into education. I am grateful for each day over the past 17 years that He has allowed me to invest in the next generation and lead an organization that is preparing students to impact the world for Christ. As I have gotten to know your school, I have quickly come to appreciate what a special community Fellowship is. 

What stood out first and foremost is Fellowship's focus on Jesus Christ. Everything I've experienced with the school reiterates that He is at the core of Fellowship's mission. When I had the opportunity to visit Fellowship with my family, I witnessed a deep passion for Christ and faith being authentically lived out. I also saw a strong community that truly cares for one another and felt like family. Finally, I experienced a talented team that values excellence in all areas of the school program. After our campus visit, it was confirmed for my wife and me that we would be blessed to be a part of Fellowship's community where our children can grow spiritually and academically. 

It is evident that God has led me and my family to Fellowship. It fills me with great joy and excitement to build on Fellowship's strong foundation alongside you, the incredible people that make it so special. Between now and July 1, I will have the opportunity to make multiple trips to Fellowship to spend time with Dr. Teston, the faculty and staff, and the families of our community as I learn more about how I can best support our school's mission, prioritize our student's covenant education, and partner with your firmly established family atmosphere that has a long and rich history. 

Thank you for trusting me in stewarding what God is doing at Fellowship Christian School.


Dr. Aaron Farrant