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9/4/2020 Friday Reflections

“You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” Psalm 16:11


Dear Fellowship Family, 


This week has been a difficult one. The loss of Beth Hinson, a dear colleague and sojourner, left us stunned, brokenhearted, and in need of God’s comfort. It would be easy to allow fear and anxiety to overtake us as we focus on all that we cannot control but desperately desire to. Instead, we choose to relinquish that desire for control and seek comfort in the only One who can truly provide it – our never-changing, ever-faithful, loving Heavenly Father. 


In Psalm 16, David begins with a plea for God to preserve him, because even in the midst of his troubles, he remained confident in God’s goodness and sovereignty. He continues by pouring out praise, knowing that all goodness flows from God. And finally, David closes the Psalm acknowledging that his security, joy, and blessings flow from his relationship with God, not his present circumstances. 


As we head into this long weekend, I pray that no matter your present circumstances or the burdens you carry, God will enable you to see the many blessings He has generously lavished upon you. I pray that He will fill your hearts with joy and praise. I pray that you will spend a little extra time loving on one another. When given the opportunity, I pray we will always choose to Love Anyway


We are grateful to have completed week three. We have updated the name of the Return to School Plan to the Stay in School Plan. Please click on the button below to view the latest updates in red.


In humble service,


Dr. Kathryn M. Teston



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