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The balance of grace and truth.

Last week, as part of our series “What are we modeling for our children?”, we considered the tension between being right and being in relationship. This week, as we continue the series, it’s important to consider the tension we experience between demonstrating grace and speaking truth.


"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." (John 1:14)


“Full of grace and truth.” Of course, Jesus has the perfect balance. So how do we find that balance of grace and truth? 

We have all heard the story in John 8 of the woman delivered to Jesus by the Pharisees. She was accused of adultery, and the Pharisees, grounded solely in truth, wished to see her publicly stoned. Jesus responded saying, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” (John 8:7) While at first glance, his response may seem to exhibit only grace, when we read further we see his gentle rebuke in truth. In John 8:10-11, this happened: “Then Jesus stood up again and said to the woman, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?” “No, Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.” There is the balance. Jesus offered grace by not condemning the woman and truth when He admonished her sin.

As we strive to be more like Jesus, let us remember this example in our interactions with others. Whether dealing with our children, spouse, friends, or loved ones, may we seek God’s wisdom to discern the balance of grace and truth needed. May we quiet ourselves so that we may hear from God how others need to experience Him through us. And let us remember that to follow His command to “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12), that requires both grace and truth.


Seeking the balance, 



Dr. Kathryn M. Teston

Head of School

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       Dr. Kathryn M. Teston