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Roswell Community Service

Encouraging a Lifestyle

At Fellowship Christian School we are compelled to serve our surrounding community. Jesus calls us to live our lives in a way worthy of him.

One way to exhibit this glad obedience is through service. Service for a Christian school can exist within the classroom, on the court or in our community. The community service program at FCS is called the GO Program.

It is our hope that through the encouragement, expectations and experiences of service during their years of schooling we will foster, in our students, both a duty and delight in serving others.

GO hours are a mandatory requirement for high school students. For more information, please contact Sandy Wise.


Go Information

We do not have rigid rules regarding types of service done ON PURPOSE. Our goal is to facilitate students developing a heart for service in all forms. Here are the guidlines that we do have.

20 Hours Per Year

The goal is 20 hours a year. 10 hours must be completed during school sponsored projects with the remaining 10 hours on the students own time.

GO Ambassadors

There are Go Ambassadors that lead the service projects. These are upper classmen that have applied and have been approved for the positions. The Ambassadors research, organize and promote opportunities.

Summer Hours

Any service hours completed in the summer count towards the coming year.

Volunteering for camps, mission trips or organizations like MUST ministries summer lunch program are all good opportunities to get several hours in before the school year even starts.

School Sponsored Projects

The school provides plenty of opportunities during the year to achieve the required hours. Winter coat collection & Operation Christmas Child are examples.

Looking Good To Colleges

My Giving Point keeps track of service and will be valuable when completing college applications.


The service opportunities are relayed to the students through morning announcements and email. Students that report to the Paladin Center for 1st period, don't hear the announcements. However, each day the announcements are also emailed to each student.

GO service opportunities are included in the "HS Week in View" email sent to parents from HS Communications as well as listed below.

Student Service Hours

Service is anything you do to help someone where you DO NOT get paid. Examples include: helping an elementary student with school assignments or visiting with an elderly neighbor.

Keeping Track

Hours are to be recorded on the The students will use their school email address and their own password. (The student email and password can be found on RenWeb -desktop version, not mobile app/ under "Family Information")The hours submitted will be approved by Sandy Wise.

New Students

Students enrolling after the start of school are asked to complete at least one service project for the year.

Parent Participation

Parent participation is always valued. Serving as a community to our community is our mission. We encourage parents to research and present service opportunities to be considered for our school. Please contact Sandy Wise with any questions.

2017/2018 List of Opportunities



Atlanta Mission

• Kate Buchweitz and Cary Guthrie

Basketball Pink Out/Breast Cancer

• Kennedy Taylor and Sadie Schulz

Roswell Nursing Home

• Brielle Ninesling, Lilly Ward and RJ Winchester , Caroline Keim

North Fulton Charities

  • Whitney Cookston, Angie Cho

Dominican Republic Mission Trip

• Lindsay Eubanks and Whitney Cookston

Erin’s Hope for Friends

• Gussie Rudin, Caroline Keim, Camille Stroud

Feel Beautiful Today

• Ashley and Christina Mack

Habitat for Humanity

• Ms. Ray, Caroline McQueen, Jack Tillinski, Jason Rojales

Hope Center

• Grace Anello and Lindsey Eubanks

Iglesia Cristiana Christmas Party

• Christina Mack

Not for Sale/End It

• Larissa Moterrio and Ashton Raymer

Operation Christmas Child Boxes and Center

• Annalee Hoffman and Shelby Stock

Valentine’s Party for Spanish Church

• Ashley Mack


• Camille Stroud and Caroline Keim

Bikes Around the World

• Peyton Marlow

• Tristen Darmo