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What is the Edison student success program?

We all learn differently, but we can all learn together. As a school and a community, Fellowship exists to provide every student with the space and support they need to strengthen their faith, their minds, and their bodies. We offer intentional, individualized programming, assistance, and accommodations at every grade level, so students and families with differing needs can learn at their pace, all in one place. Our Edison and Endeavor programs were specially created to empower academic success according to students' unique needs, from temporary assistance during illness or injury, to on-campus tutoring, to ongoing learning-style and remediation support. 

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Academic Support Information

What is the Edison student success program?
At Fellowship Christian School, ‘A School for the Whole Family’ is a term you'll hear often. We are academically challenging as well as missional. We provide families the opportunity to have their children attend a strong Christian school together, including those siblings with different learning needs. Edison is a student success program dedicated to the development of helping every FCS student be academically successful.

What support does Edison provide?
 Academic support - Edison offers academic support and skill remediation for students who learn differently. Students identified with a mild learning difference, attention issues or executive functioning difficulties are identified through an independent psycho-educational evaluation and are offered learning support through academic accommodations.

Our youngest Paladins with learning differences are supported through small group math and language arts support. Upper elementary students are instructed through a co-teaching model in addition to a pull-out, small group teaching model to address specific academic needs. Middle and high school students receive support by attending an Edison class in place of an elective or a study hall.
Who is eligible for the Edison academic support program?

  • Current students who are struggling academically and are recommended by a teacher, parent, or administrator
  • Students with a current psycho-educational test report on file with FCS stating the student needs classroom accommodations to achieve academic success
  • Students new to FCS with current psycho-educational testing who require Edison support as a part of their
  • admission process
  • Current FCS students whose re-enrollment requirement is to be enrolled in the Edison program
  • Is there anyone who cannot be served through the academic support program? We are not equipped to serve students who have learning differences due to behavioral issues, nor can we accommodate students who need a small teacher-student ratio to be academically successful. Students need to have the academic potential to successfully master a college-preparatory curriculum.

May I provide my own tutor?
The Edison program remediates skills and offers the support most students need for success. When outside specialists such as an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist or other type of specialized assistance is
needed, they are accommodated on campus whenever possible. Occasionally, a student may have academic
deficits that require outside tutoring for a short period of time. We are happy to assist by suggesting names of
tutors who address specific needs. We are also happy to suggest names of psychologists who work closely with
Fellowship to administer psycho-educational testing.

What does the Edison academic support program offer?
Each Edison student receives an individualized accommodation plan listing the accommodations
used for academic support. The accommodations are taken from the psycho-educational recommendations and
feedback from parents and teachers. The Edison program does not incorporate any academic modifications that
may be listed on the testing report. The student’s support team, consisting of the student, student’s parents,
teachers, and the Edison teacher, meet to review the accommodation plan. The Edison teacher works closely
with the classroom teachers in monitoring and implementing the plan. Edison students are dismissed from the
program when the student support team decides the student has the strategies in place to be successful without
Edison support.

Elementary: At the elementary level a combined pull-out and inclusion teaching model is implemented.
PreK – 2nd grades -The Edison teacher works closely with the classroom teacher, sharing teaching responsibilities while focusing on the Edison students. She also works with Edison students in the Edison classroom where students receive direct instruction in math and language arts as needed.

3rd – 5th grades - The Edison teacher assists with creating lesson plans and sharing teaching responsibilities
with the classroom teacher to enable Edison students to be instructed and supported within the classroom in the
least restrictive learning environment. While in the classroom, the Edison teacher focuses on the Edison
students providing small group support and remediation, which can be immediately implemented into student
learning. If an Edison student is identified with academic gaps the Edison teacher provides direct instruction in
the Edison classroom to fill the gaps and returns the student to his/her classroom as quickly as possible

Middle and High School - Students are scheduled by grade level and meet one class period each day.
Instruction is given on topics including study skills, test taking, executive function skills, organization,
developing good study habits, and self-advocacy skills. The remainder of the time is used for structured
curriculum study and review and is student-needs directed. Edison students receive a grade for their in-class
assignments and participation. High school students receive a credit for the class. Although students
occasionally receive individualized instruction, the class is not designed for individual tutoring, nor is it a time
for students to complete homework. High school students have the option of contracting for a two-day a week
program when they are ready to transition out of the Edison program but still need minimal support. The need
for this option is discussed by the student’s support team at the end of the school year.

Does my student qualify for accommodations on the PSAT, SAT or ACT?
The PSAT, SAT and ACT college testing boards make their own decisions on whether a student may receive
testing accommodations. Students need to have current psycho-educational testing (within 3 years) and be
using the requested accommodations for consideration by the testing board. Two weeks are needed to complete
the application process for accommodations on the PSAT, SAT or ACT. Applications must be submitted to the
college testing boards for review seven weeks prior to the testing date. The Edison Director assists parents in
submitting testing accommodations request.

What if my student has formalized testing completed mid-year?
When formalized testing is submitted to FCS that necessitates classroom or testing accommodations it is
implemented through contracting with the Edison program. Upon contracting, the Edison teacher reviews the
student’s testing, writes an accommodation plan, and schedules a meeting with the student’s parents and
teachers. If your student has formalized testing completed mid-year and is identified with learning needs, please
contact the Edison Director to discuss the next steps to implementing an academic support plan.

What if I need my child’s teacher to complete paperwork?
Pediatricians and psychologists often request teacher feedback through surveys and other forms as a part of their testing process. All doctor requested teacher forms are given to the division Administrative Assistants who
ensure paperwork is completed and returned to the doctors. Please allow a minimum of five working days for
completion of the forms. It is FCS policy that all paperwork is sent directly to the doctor or originating institution.

How many teachers are in the Edison program?
Edison is comprised of a director and six certified teachers; two teachers for elementary, three for middle and
one for high school.

Is there an extra cost for Edison academic support?
The cost for the Edison program is $2,500 and encompasses the full school year. Admission is based on a
contractual agreement. The program fee is added to the tuition contract.


Edison Endeavor

The mission of the Edison Endeavor program is to provide students who learn differently with the opportunity to learn at their own pace, working to their full academic potential, while earning a college preparatory degree that integrates a Biblical worldview.

Endeavor Student Profile: Students in the Endeavor program have an average or higher academic ability with a diagnosed mild learning difference and need to learn at a varied pace. Core academic classes are taken with teachers certified to instruct students who learn differently. Additionally, students will be integrated into their grade level Bible and elective courses.

Requirements for Acceptance into Endeavor Program: Students applying for Endeavor have updated psycho-educational testing (within three years) with a diagnosis of a mild learning disorder such as dyslexia or dyscalculia, and a different information-processing rate. The program is not equipped to work with students on the autism spectrum, those with behavioral/emotional difficulties, or students not capable of learning on a level to be prepared for college.

Features and Benefits of the Endeavor Program:
• Receive a college preparatory diploma with Biblical integration
• Low student to teacher ratio (10:1)
• Multi-sensory teaching format with a teach-and-repeat instructional style
• Individualized plan with appropriate pacing for the student’s needs
• Adaptive modifications to include oral testing, extended time for tests and assignments and manipulative-based instruction
• Close partnership with parents/student/teachers including regular updates on student progress
• Ability to support the entire family at one academic institution

Grades Served: Endeavor serves students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades and Fellowship will be adding a 9th grade class for the 2019-20 school year. Students will graduate high school with a Fellowship Christian School college preparatory diploma.

Students accepted into the Endeavor program will remain in the program for the full academic year. A fee of $7,500 (6th-8th) and $10,000 (9th-12th) will be added to tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Edison Director

Kathi Francesconi

Director of Edison