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College Counseling

As a college preparatory school, we lead our students from 8th grade to Senior year through the maze of choices to find the right fit for higher learning.

An FCS student starts his college counseling process at the end of 8th grade by working with our Academic Counselor to determine which diploma pathway facilitates their larger goals. Students continue through their freshman and sophomore years to take the courses needed to support their interests. As a junior, they have transitioned into our college counseling program in earnest, setting expectations and goals early. Our seniors are fully equipped and supported to take ownership of their high school experience and pursuing their interests at a college level. As a result, our students are accepted into universities and colleges that are the perfect fit for their higher learning experience.

Watch our tips and tricks video series from College Counselor, Lindsey Dean.

Important Dates

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The Application Process

What The Student Does

College Search

1) Self-reflect to determine what characteristics will constitute a "good college match".

2) Research colleges to learn:
a. Admissibility
b.Academic programs
c.Academic and social atmosphere
e.Deadline/admissions requirements

3)Meet with appropriate college representatives when they visit Fellowship Christian School or hold city wide receptions.


1) Register and utilize Naviance. Complete assigned tasks by deadlines posted.

2) After Student and Parent College Questionnaires are completed and returned to the College Counseling Office

3) Request teacher recommendations and and high school transcripts through Naviance.

4) Update the FCS college counseling office and colleges of new awards, honors and participation.

5) Communicate with parents and counselor during the college admissions process.


1) Complete and send applications to colleges.

2) Abide by application, testing age


1) Registar for testing.

2) Request that the testing agencies send official test scores to the colleges.

What The School Does

College Counselor Responsibilities

1) Be a resource for students and parents.

2) Be available to students and parents.

3) Inform student and parents of the procedures necessary to complete the college admissions process.

4) Provide guidance on the appropriateness of colleges.

5) Suggest possible college options.

6) At the student/parent request, review applications and essays before submission.

7) At the student/parent request, complete and submit the counselor recommendation, secondary school report and high school transcripts.

8) After student completes a teacher recommendation request on Naviance/Family Connection, follow up with teacher for completion and send to designated colleges.

9) Electronically submit or mail all HSPS packets directly to the institution/program.

10) Help students and parents make the final matriculation decision.

What The Parents Do

Parent Responsibilities

1) Clearly state the parameters for college options with your child and the college counselor:

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Possible field(s) of study
  • Restrictions

2) Complete the Parent College Questionnaire on Naviance/Family Connection by January 31.

3) Meet/call the college counselor if questions or concerns arise.

4) Be aware of deadlines.

5) Complete financial aid forms (FAFSA and CSS Profile) if necessary.


College Visits

Seniors are required to attend 3 college representative meetings at FCS or in the local area. Juniors, 3 visits and Sophomores, 1 visit. Students will register for these in Naviance.

FCS’s policy related to excused absentees for college tours:

Juniors are allowed three excused college visitation days.

Seniors are allowed three excused college visitation days.

The parent(s) of any student requesting an excused absence for a college visit must email the attendance office at least 5 school days prior to the visit. An email confirmation will be returned and student will need to return the College Visit Verification Form when they next attend school. Absences for college visits will not be excused unless these instructions are followed and the student will be penalized for any missed assignments due to the unexcused absence.

If there is a need for more college visitation days, request in writing the purpose and dates and submit the request to the college counselor for approval.

If Excused Absence Falls on a…

Request is due before school begins on…


Prior Monday


Prior Tuesday


Prior Wednesday


Prior Thursday


Prior Friday


Popular Naviance How To's

Sign Up For A College Rep Visit

  • 1.Sign into Family Connection.
  • 2.Go to the Colleges tab. Click View All Upcoming Visits.
  • 3.Click Sign Up to sign up.
  • 4.Click the Sign Me Up button.

Build A Resume

  • 1.Sign into Family Connection
  • 2.Click Document Library on the right-hand column.
  • 3.Select the Resumes folder and view the three documents available.
  • a.Blank Boxed Resume is an editable document for students to fill in over the years.
  • b.Sam Grisham Resume sample is from a real student in recent years.
  • c.Sample from GT is a resume sample provided by Georgia Tech.
  • 4.Input information over the years in your Blank Boxed Resume.
  • 5.Save and send a copy to Mrs. Dean.

Reach, Aim, Safety Sheet (Pink Form)

  • 1.Use the Pink Form distributed by Mrs. Dean.
  • 2.Calculate your academic profile.
  • a.GPA = your FCS cumulative GPA and your HOPE progress GPA
  • b.Current results from Standardized testing (SAT, ACT, and Subject tests)
  • 3.Go to the college’s admissions website.
  • 4.Look for a page that indicates the typical admitted student profile (“admitted student profile” or “average admitted student”, etc). Do this for each college you’re interested in.
  • 5.If your academic profile is below the college’s average profile listed online, you should place the school’s name under the Reach column, if your academic profile is inside the ranges, you should place the school under the Aim column; if your academic profile is above the listed averages, you should place the school under the Safety column.
  • 6.Also indicate the teachers that you plan to request letters of recommendation from. (One teacher for each box – should be from Junior year, and generally from a rigorous class.)
  • 7.Form is due to Mrs. Dean by May 20.

Match Common App to Naviance

  • 1.Sign onto Family Connection.
  • 2.Go to the Colleges tab. Click Colleges I’m Applying To.
  • 3.In the Blue window, type in the exact email address you use to log into your Common App Account.
  • 4.Click Match.
  • 5.If you receive an error message, contact Mrs. Dean.

Complete Application Worksheet (Yellow Form)

  • 1.For each college you are applying to, follow these directions…
  • 2.Go to the college’s admissions website.
  • 3.Look for a page that indicates the required materials for a complete application (“application checklist” or “steps to apply”, etc).
  • 4.Use this information to fill out the Application Worksheet.
  • 5.Look up the deadlines for admission and write down the App Plan (Early Action, Regular Decision, etc.) that you are choosing and the corresponding deadline.
  • 6.The Application Worksheet is due to Mrs. Dean at least 2 weeks before the deadline you wrote down, or by November 1 for all deadlines occurring after November 15.
  • 7.Neglecting to turn in this form by the required deadlines will result in a $30 fine.

Teacher Recommendation Request

  • 1.Ask. Remember to approach your teacher first and ask them if they would be willing to write a letter of recommendation for you. Consider asking teachers from separate departments, from core academic classes, from your junior or senior year, and preferably from a rigorous course.
  • 2.Survey. Remember to complete a survey in Family Connection (Naviance) for the two teachers you’ve asked to write letters for you. You will need to answer these questions with about 2-3 sentences of information. Your teacher could be using this feedback in your letter, so try to be specific (and don't use the same answers in each survey... then your letters could end up looking the same!).
  • 3.Formal Request:
  • a.From the Colleges tab in Family Connection, click on the Letters of Recommendation link.
  • b.On the recommendation request page, click on the blue Add Request button to submit requests, one teacher at a time.

Step 1: The student should select a teacher from the drop-down list. If the teacher is missing from the drop-down list, email Mrs. Dean.

Step 2: Check the box indicating “All current or future colleges” so that teachers are able to write letters for all your colleges.

Step 3: In your personal note (up to 3000 characters) to the teacher, indicate which survey you completed for that teacher.

  • 4.Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen, which returns you to your recommendation status page. At the top of the screen, a green status bar shows the teacher's name and the number of request for the student.
  • 5.From here, you will see the status for all Teacher Recommendations requests that have been made.

Meet Mrs.Dean

Welcome to the FCS High School Guidance and College Counseling Department. We partner with students and parents to accomplish the mission of our school with individualized student attention in the planning and maintenance of their four years in high school.

As a comprehensive school, we aim to help your student discover their God-given potential and to create a safe environment for them to explore their passions. At Fellowship Christian School, we believe that students are better served when the counseling process is integrated throughout their years at our school. By encouraging a student to seek out their strengths and providing a rich soil for them to grow within, our students are better prepared for the inevitable college admissions process.

Regular communication between student, parents and the counseling team all will significantly increase the chances of making a proper decisions, both for college and in life. We look forward to working with you throughout these amazing transitions in your student's life.


Our graduates are confident. They are prepared to go into the world with kindness and creativity. After being surrounded by a caring community while held to a challenging standard, it's no wonder that FCS students have a 100% acceptance rate.


Greetings from Fellowship Christian School! We are grateful for your interest in our students and our school and look forward to hosting you this calendar year.