Elementary School Dress Code

Roswell Christian School

At Fellowship Christian School, we appreciate diversity in attire while affirming neatness, appropriateness and modesty. Whether it is an ordinary school day, a school function or an activity, the middle school years provide our students a variety of opportunities and occasions to demonstrate their understanding of the expectations of appropriate dress.

With the freedom of diversity comes the responsibility to honor the guidelines. The FCS dress code aims to provide clear guidelines for students at school or while participating in FCS functions. Our dress code is not a moral or character issue. Students are not “good” or “bad” based on their compliance, rather they are “in” or “out” based upon the chosen dress code.

Thank you for encouraging respect and expecting adherence to the dress code by your child while they are at school or any FCS activity/function. We are grateful for your partnership as together we appreciate diversity in attire while affirming neatness, appropriateness and modesty in dress at FCS.


Collared shirts only.

    • Boys – solid, striped, plaid. Must be long enough to tuck in and stay tucked in. Must be tucked in at all times.
    • Girls – solid, striped, plaid or floral
  • FCS/Paladin logos are acceptable
  • Other emblems on the front no larger than 3”x 5”

Items NOT accepted:

  • Oversized shirts (in length or width):
  • Any shirt that does not have a collar (i.e. t-shirt)
  • Collared shirts with a revealing or low neckline
  • Sleeveless shirts

Shoes and Socks

  • Tennis shoes, dress shoes or boots (1” heel or lower)
  • No shoes with wheels
  • Toes and heels must be covered
  • Solid socks (Elite socks acceptable)
  • Tights, pantyhose and leggings in SOLID colors


  • Students may wear their choice of outerwear to school
  • NO outerwear may be worn inside the building
  • All outerwear must be stored in classroom specific cubbies or hooks

Friday Spirit Wear

  • Friday spirit wear is a privilege and not a guarantee. This privilege will be rewarded based on the students’ ability to follow dress code policy during the week.
  • Any student who has a dress code infraction during the week will not be permitted to wear spirit wear on Friday and is expected to follow the regular dress code policy
  • Shirts may be untucked


  • Solid color in appropriate size
  • Colors: khaki, khaki green, navy, grey, brown, black
  • Boys – pants or shorts
  • Girls – pants, walking or long shorts, capris
  • Acceptable styles include corduroy and cargo style pockets
  • Must be worn at the hips or waist

Items NOT accepted:

  • Pants with colors or designs on pockets or legs
  • Jeans of any color
  • Contrast stitching or rivets
  • Oversized pants (in length or width)
  • Oversized pockets
  • Pants or shorts with frayed hems
  • Cut-off shorts
  • Gym shorts or sweatpants
  • Plaids
  • Denims
  • Tight fitting pants
  • Jeggings


  • No hats in the building
  • Hair color must be natural and non-distracting
  • Hair length for boys must be above the eyebrows, above the lobe of the ear and off the collar in the back

Spirit Wear

Spirit wear is defined as anything purchased from the FCS spirit store (located at the Paladin center); approved field trip or activity shirt (must have the Paladin logo or FCS crest)

  • Homemade spirit shirts must be approved by an administrator in advance
  • The blue FCS field trip shirt with logo is appropriate for Friday Spirit Days
  • Blue jeans, skirts or shorts that fit appropriately and do not contain any holes, rips, designs, colors, patches, or frayed edges (colors and designs my be on pockets only)

Items NOT accepted: Athletic shorts or pants


  • Skirts, dresses and skorts – length must be no shorter than the top of the knee
  • Jumpers – solid color with collared skirts underneath
  • Dresses – polo style can be solid, striped or plaid in any color


  • Must be worn with all pants, shorts, etc. That have belt loops
  • Must be solid color
  • No letter or decorations
  • Plain belt buckle
  • Must fit appropriately – extra length may not dangle from the waist


  • Accessories may not be distracting or disruptive
  • Tattoos and body piercing (nose, eyebrows, tongue, etc.) are prohibited
  • No earrings for boys
  • Earrings for girls should be reasonably sized

Inside Wear for cooler Temperatures

  • Hoodies and sweatshirts must be spirit wear with Paladin logo or solid spirit wear colors (white, grey, navy or maroon)
  • Fleeces or sweaters worn inside the building must be either spirit wear, solid color, two-tone or stripes (hoods are acceptable)
  • Emblems, designs, or insignias or fleeces or sweaters no larger than 3 x 5 card are acceptable on front
  • Back or sleeves must remain solid
  • Proper dress code must be worn underneath

ES Field Trip Dress Code

  • Long or short sleeve navy blue polo with the FCS crest
  • Khaki shorts, skirts or pants with belt
  • Jeans may be authorized for certain trips
  • Tennis or dress shoes (no open-toed sandals)