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Preparing Today, the Leaders of Tomorrow

Ari Durham- High School Principal

Ari Durham, High School Principal

The high school years are full of dynamic and diverse experiences. As a college preparatory Christian school, we are excited about both the academic and spiritual journeys of every student who attends high school at Fellowship. Over the course of four years, we equip our students to engage in the present while preparing them for the future.

Our Christ-centered faculty and staff forms the foundation of our community. Starting from a Biblically informed, guided, and inspired worldview, Fellowship teachers professionally and creatively engage students in a wide range of academic courses. At the core of all we do is an intentional mission to teach to the whole person whether in Academics, Arts, STEM, Athletics, or our faith formation opportunities.

Along the way, we weave opportunities for connection into the fabric of student life through overnight retreats, school-wide events, athletic competitions, service opportunities, outdoor adventures, mission trips, theater productions, and more. We embrace the power of learning that takes place in the classroom yet understand that all learning deepens in the myriad of smaller moments in between. We love seeing our students grow into the people God has made them to be while on the stage, field, court, and trail, as well as in the classroom, studio, and lab. 

For all of us working in the high school division of Fellowship Christian School, it is our honor to have the opportunity to inspire in our students a desire to become unique reflections of the six facets of our portrait of a graduate: Truth Seeker, Creative Thinker, Servant Leader, Bridge Builder, Image Bearer, Kingdom Influencer.

Ari Durham
Two high school students doing homework on the second floor bridge
Three high school students walking together in the halway

At Fellowship, we cultivate a high school environment that encourages the development of perspective, character, and integrity in each student. Our aim is for every Fellowship student to graduate high school well prepared for success wherever God leads them.  

High School Concentrations 

Studying for a diploma at Fellowship requires determination and dedication. All students who complete the graduation requirements of our accredited curriculum earn a College Preparatory Diploma. Additionally, we offer students the opportunity to earn a merit of distinction for high academic achievement, and/or the option to concentrate their academic high school experience in either the field of STEM or the Arts. 

High School FAQs

a group of students posing at the high school retreat, wearing harnesses and helmets before going on a ropes course.

two high school students doing homework while sitting against a window