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Servant Leadership

We encourage and equip our students to reach their highest potential for God's glory. Learning servant leadership is a process, and we provide ample opportunity to serve others. Through our community service program, our students are given the opportunity to show compassion, and connect with those in need, both globally and locally, learning the valuable lessons garnered in selfless acts of service.

In Community

We desire the whole person - intellectual, physical and spiritual - to be impacted by faculty and staff in an inspiring learning community. Our students leave well prepared to succeed in the global marketplace and to lead with integrity, curiosity and personal fortitude.

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High School Diploma Tracks

Studying for a diploma from one of our pathways requires determination and dedication. 

Fellowship Diploma Tracks cover a breadth of core High School courses while offering an extensive range of options that allow our students to dive deep into areas that most interest them.

We invite students to explore the Diploma Tracks and read all of our course offerings. They may be surprised to find themselves drawn towards something that they may not have considered before.


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Student Support

In keeping with Fellowship's commitment to the success of the whole child, our student support services offer programs to encourage & equip students and parents throughout the high school years with valuable, grade appropriate advice and tools. 

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High School Calendar

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From The Desk of Principal Durham



The Renaissance artist, Michelangelo, saw within the large monoliths of Italian marble what few others could view. As he gouged and carved and sanded the marble, over days the figure would emerge. Likewise, God is forging and forming us. God is intentional, purposeful and meaningful as He carves. Vincent Van Gogh famously said,

"Christ is more of an artist than the artists — he works
in living spirit and flesh, he makes men instead of statues."

It is exciting and humbling to think that the Creator of the universe cares for, loves and takes delight in His creatures. In Florence, Italy, the unfinished sculptures by Michelangelo have their own unique beauty as artworks very much in process. Human forms seemed to be emerging from the marble, deep gouges revealed the aspects of the figure.

Ephesians 2:10 describes our Creator's attention and intention:

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

The word "workmanship" can also be translated as "poem," "masterpiece," or "handiwork." This is how God views us. Just as a sculptor attentively, carefully and intentionally pursues his vision with the mallet and chisel, God lovingly pursues His purposes in our lives. This truth reminds me of our mission at FCS. We desire that the whole person - intellectual, physical and spiritual - be impacted by faculty and staff; and that the encouraging environment and learning community that we share may be found welcoming to you. Please come visit us and see for yourself why we embrace the Fellowship experience.

High School Staff