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Developing Independence

Fellowship Middle School students start their journeys within a caring community that offers guidance, stability, and relational encouragement.

Although we know that the transitions students face in middle school can seem daunting, we believe the three years from 6th to 8th grade can be a wonderful time for students to learn more about who God is and who He has made them to be. With the help of our amazing faculty and staff, the middle school students at Fellowship learn and grow within a caring community that provides a place for them to belong.

Middle school students taking notes in class
Students outside

Tony Tacquard, Middle School Principal

Welcome to Middle School at Fellowship! What an amazing journey these years are in the life of an individual. This is a wonderful time of change, growth, and transition for students as they move from childhood and prepare for high school. During the 6th-8th grades, students begin the process of taking ownership of their learning and developing the habits for future success.

Many students discover how they are gifted academically, artistically, or athletically and establish the skill necessary for success at the next level. Socially, they begin to interact at a more mature level with adults and their peers, but most importantly, they are encouraged to embrace who they are in Christ. We are blessed to have caring teachers who are called to teach and disciple your child during these formative years. The teachers bring their subject matter alive and help the students navigate any challenges that might be experienced along the way.


Our faculty approaches every subject with biblical integration and the rigor needed to provide a strong academic foundation for high school. In addition to our strong academics, our athletic program offers a wide variety of sports and we encourage our students and families to get involved. We believe that sports complements what goes on in the classroom by providing an environment for mentoring, developing discipline, and building friendships. In a similar way, our Fine Arts programs allow students to enjoy sharing their creative expression through our musical, dramatic and visual arts classes. Whether their gifting is on the stage, with a paint brush or through athletics on the field, our aim is to help the students understand who God has made them to be and to glorify Him through their talents.  It is our prayer that we can continue to positively impact the lives of students and their families for the glory of God. We would love for you to become part of the Fellowship family.

Tony Tacquard

Middle school at Fellowship is a wonderful time of growth and transformation as students move from childhood and prepare for high school.

Students begin taking ownership of their learning and develop habits for future academic and career success. Many discover how they are gifted academically, artistically, or athletically. Most importantly, they are encouraged to embrace who they are in Christ.


Transitioning to Middle School

Our teachers and Middle School staff are skilled at helping new 6th grade students with learning to juggle and prioritize the schedule and academic rigors of Middle School.

At the start of school, we host a 6th grade orientation, devoted to training students on navigating changing classes, academic organization, taking notes, binder set-up, and other responsibilities essential to success.

Band teacher conducting a group of students playing music

Our teachers invest in the students lives. Their goal is to develop a rapport and relationship with each student to better know how to come alongside them in the appropriate way. The teachers challenge and inspire them, let them grapple with difficulties while providing support. Most of them are available for morning and afternoon support, outside of school hours. Their desire is to see every student thrive.

Middle school science teacher demonstrating an experiment. Poring red liquid into a beaker.

Drone shot of middle school front entrance