Developing Independence

Middle school at Fellowship is a wonderful time of growth and transformation as students move from childhood and prepare for high school.

Students begin taking ownership of their learning and develop habits for future academic and career success. Many discover how they are gifted academically, artistically, or athletically. Most importantly, they are encouraged to embrace who they are in Christ.

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8:00 AM - 3:10PM

Our day consists of 7 Periods:

5 Core Classes

2 Electives


Homework is a necessary element in providing enrichment, re-enforcing principles learned in class, incorporating good work habits and time-management skills, supplementing classroom learning and providing practice in needed skills. FCS recognizes the tension in family life as you attempt to balance family time, church, ministry, extracurricular activity, recreation, rest and school work.

We also recognize, however, our accountability in preparing each student for the future. If a student experiences consistent difficulty in completing assignments in an acceptable time frame (i.e., 70 minutes maximum each night for a seventh grader), the teacher and parents should consider the following possible causes: Too many assignments - Insufficient time management - Student fatigue or illness - Amount of time spent in extracurricular activities - Learning challenge Students are encouraged to use time efficiently.

If the student workload appears excessive, please contact the appropriate teachers and address the issue. Homework and class assignments may be accessed through RenWeb.

Technology in Middle School

The purpose of all electronic resources is to support the school’s educational mission. Applying information and technology skills is an integral part of teaching and learning at FCS. Students are expected to follow the requirements of the honor code and the code of conduct with regard to technology use.

Any use of technology in the classroom is up to the discretion of the teacher.

iPad and laptop carts are available for use as well as approved apps and software to enhance class instruction.

Transitioning to Middle School

Our teachers and Middle School staff are skilled at helping new 6th grade students with learning to juggle and prioritize the schedule and academic rigors of Middle School.

At the start of school, we host a 6th grade orientation, devoted to training students on navigating changing classes, academic organization, taking notes, binder set-up, and other responsibilities essential to success.

Teacher Relationships

Our teachers invest in the students lives. Their goal is to develop a rapport and relationship with each student to better know how to come alongside them in the appropriate way. The teachers challenge and inspire them,let them grapple with difficulties while providing support.

Most of them are available for morning and afternoon support, outside of school hours. Their desire is to see every student thrive.

Tests & Quizzes

Students are not required to take more than the following in a single day: 2 tests, 1 test and 2 quizzes, or 4 quizzes. Students must take the first two tests that were scheduled on the test calendar. Please note that students sometimes confuse quizzes with tests.

Tests made or announced prior to a student’s absence are to be made up on the day of the student’s return. If a student signs in late and misses a test, they must be prepared to make up the test after school.

Making arrangements to complete missed work is the responsibility of the student, not the teacher.

Tony Tacquard

Middle School Principal

Welcome to Middle School at Fellowship! What an amazing journey these years are in the life of an individual. This is a wonderful time of change, growth, and transition for students as they move from childhood and prepare for high school. During the 6th-8th grades, students begin the process of taking ownership of their learning and developing the habits for future success. Many discover how they are gifted academically, artistically, or athletically and establish the skill necessary for success at the next level. Socially, they begin to interact at a more mature level with adults and their peers, but most importantly, they are encouraged to embrace who they are in Christ.

We are blessed to have caring teachers who are called to teach and disciple your child during these formative years. They bring their subject matter alive and help the students navigate any challenges that might be experienced along the way. They approach every subject with biblical integration and the rigor needed to provide a strong academic foundation for high school. Students who are gifted in math have the opportunity to receive high school credits for Algebra I and Geometry. We also offer, for those who show an aptitude for Spanish, a high school Spanish I course. We intentionally provide opportunities during the year for your child to explore their interest in art, computer, and Spanish as well as numerous elective classes that you may choose from. In addition to our strong academics, our athletic program offers a wide variety of sports and we encourage our students and families to get involved. We believe that sports complements what goes on in the classroom by providing an environment for mentoring, developing discipline, and building friendships.

It is our prayer that we can continue to positively impact the lives of students and their families for the glory of God. We would love for you to become part of the FCS family.

Middle School Staff