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Middle School Retreats & Travel


One of the best parts about attending middle school at Fellowship is the retreat to Camp Highland. Strategically planned for early in the school year, each grade gets to spend 24 hours at camp to connect as a grade and build relationships with their teachers. Over the course of those 24 hours, students worship, hear Christ-centered messages, participate in team building activities, enjoy the wide range of activities provided by Camp Highland, and have a whole lot of fun! We pour into students during this time so that each student has the opportunity to start the year connecting with Christ and connecting with their classmates. 

In addition to the all-school retreat, each grade has the opportunity to go on a grade-specific trip later in the year. 

6th Grade Creation Trip 

Sixth grade students have the opportunity to learn that science and the Bible are not in conflict when they visit the Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, and Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. All three locations have been chosen for their unique insights and experiences that integrate well into the 6th grade Bible, history, and earth science curriculums. These interactive and action-packed destinations bring to life the scientific evidence of the truth of God’s word. While students explore the exhibits, they will be challenged to consider the evidence for the truth of a worldwide flood, the Bible’s support for dinosaurs, God’s handiwork in the design of creation, and the Bible’s overarching narrative about our world from creation to consummation. The goal for this trip is to present to students evidence for the trustworthiness of the Bible in ways that are hands-on, experiential, and memorable.

7th Grade jekyll Island trip

Building upon the learning undertaken the pervious year, the 7th grade class travels to Jekyll Island for an enriching science expedition.  While on the island, students take science outside the classroom and into God's world by investigating one of the most beautiful beaches in Georgia. As they pull a seine net for sea life, observe fresh and saltwater marshes, and explore the area's live oak forests students see first hand the beauty of God's creation. By taking the time to journey to the coast, students not only get a hands-on learning experience, but they also get the chance to continue to build relationships with their classmates as they learn about and worship God together.

Mission Trip

For 8th grade, the focus of the trip shifts from an experience of receiving to an experience of giving. All 8th grade students are required to participate in a one-week mission trip, but they get to choose from three different options. We believe that by allowing students to choose which trip they want to go on, they will gain a personal call and interest in that particular project. We choose our destinations by partnering with organizations represented in our wider Fellowship community, and students can choose to participate in either a local, regional, or international trip.


Winterfest is an onsite retreat. Winterfest is for all three divisions and lasts two days early in January. We take time off of classes for 2 days to focus on spiritual development. These days are filled with Worship, Messages, Service, Small groups, Fun, and Fellowship. Our students and faculty love Winterfest for so many reasons. It is a highlight of the students year.