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Student Support at Fellowship

We all learn differently, but we can all learn together.


It is the underlying spiritual aspects that make Fellowship special and effective in the way they grow and encourage each student. For me, it's the teachers that truly care about me and my spiritual walk with Christ that have allowed Fellowship to play a pivotal role in my spiritual growth.Jenny Foster (Class of 2018)

Student Academic Support

Our Student Academic Support program fosters and nurtures the potential of students in need of academic "hands on" support. We encourage our students to take risks, understand how they learn and advocate for themselves. We instill the confidence they need to thrive in academic and social situations.

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Social & Emotional Counseling

In-class seminars introduce our young students to navigating common situations and the emotions that come with them. Along with the classroom lessons, middle and high school students have two counselors available at all times for support and a listening ear.

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Academic Counseling

Our Counselors advise students through the process of choosing appropriate and challenging college preparatory, honors and advanced placement courses that are offered in all of the diploma pathways.

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College Counseling

As a college preparatory school, we lead our students from 8th grade to Senior year through the maze of choices to find the right fit for higher learning.

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