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If students can dream it, we can design a way to build it.

The beautifully diverse and complex world we live in reflects the intelligent design of our heavenly Creator. He established order amid chaos. In Fellowship's STEM program, we endeavor to do the same as we explore opportunities to steward God's creation. Incorporating STEM into a biblically integrated education fosters critical thinking, creative problem-solving, moral decision-making, and a true sense of wonder. Through the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, students unveil the intricacies of God's design, experience the unique opportunity to honor God through intellectual exploration and responsible innovation, and prepare themselves to serve others by offering inventive solutions to real-world challenges. 

Director of STEM

Drew Lawes- Director of STEM

Drew Lawes

We are honored to prepare students for future studies and careers in STEM-related fields. All STEM courses are inherently hands-on and based on a learning-by-doing educational philosophy. Through interactive, project-based learning in our innovative STEM labs, students gain the skills necessary to confidently meet the challenges and opportunities of 21st-century servant leadership. 

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High School STEM Concentrations


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STEM student working on a project in class
two STEM students riding in the go-cart that they built in class

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