Student Academic Support

What is the student academic support program?

We all learn differently, but we can all learn together. As a school and a community, Fellowship exists to provide every student with the space and support they need to strengthen their faith, their minds, and their bodies. Student Academic Support exists to provide students the opportunity to maximize their learning abilities to reach their full academic potential through two intentionally designed programs called Edison and Endeavor. These programs were created to empower success according to students’ unique needs.


What is the Edison student support program?
At Fellowship Christian School, ‘A School for the Whole Family’ is a term you'll hear often. We are academically challenging as well as missional. We provide families the opportunity to have their children attend a strong Christian school together, including those siblings with different learning needs. Edison is a student success program dedicated to provide a level of support while enrolled in the regular classroom. 

What support does Edison provide?
 Academic support - Edison offers academic support and minor skill review for students who have a diagnosed learning difference. Students identified with a mild learning disability, attention issues or executive functioning difficulties are identified through an independent educational psychological evaluation and are offered learning support through academic accommodations.

Our youngest Paladins with learning differences are supported through small group math and language arts support. Upper elementary students are instructed through a co-teaching model in addition to a pull-out, small group teaching model to address specific academic needs. Middle and high school students receive support by attending an Edison class in place of an elective or a study hall.
Who is eligible for the Edison academic support program?

  • Current students who are struggling academically and are recommended by a teacher, parent, or administrator
  • Students with a current psycho-educational test report on file with FCS stating the student needs classroom accommodations to achieve academic success
  • Students new to FCS with current psycho-educational testing who require Edison support as a part of their
  • admission process
  • Current FCS students whose re-enrollment requirement is to be enrolled in the Edison program
  • Is there anyone who cannot be served through the academic support program? We are not equipped to serve students who have learning differences due to behavioral issues, nor can we accommodate students who need a small teacher-student ratio to be academically successful. Students need to have the academic potential to successfully master a college-preparatory curriculum.