Student Academic Support

What is the Student Academic Support program?

The mission of the Student Academic Support (SAS) program is to provide students with the opportunity to maximize their learning abilities in order to reach their full academic potential.

FCS is a College Preparatory School that serves students with mild learning challenges.

Each student is evaluated through the admissions process to determine the level of support needed to be academically successful within the FCS program. The level of support is determined by the Student Academic Support team based on the documentation provided. 

FCS is not equipped to provide support for behavior challenges, significant accommodations or any modification that fundamentally alters the college preparatory program.


Testing Accommodations (Standardized testing & finals)

Level 1 fee: $800


Testing Accommodations (Standardized testing & finals)


Classroom Accommodations (Including classroom tests)

Level 2 fee: $1500


Testing Accommodations (Standardized testing & finals)


Classroom Accommodations (Including classroom tests)


Learning Lab Class for executive functioning skills

Level 3 fee: $2500



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SAS Staff & Faculty

Dr. Joseph Morecraft, Associate Head of School

Andrea Fickley, SAS Elementary and Middle School Department Chair

Kristi Wright, SAS High School Department Chair

Elementary SAS

Libby Madden

Tressa Gibby

Erin McGill

Middle & High SAS

Kelly Webb - High School SAS

Ashley Glover - High School SAS

Julia Burns - Middle School SAS