The Paladin Athletic Booster Club (PABC) is critical to the continued success and growth of the Fellowship Christian School Athletic Department. Year over year the PABC invests up to $100,000 and more in coaching salaries, equipment, transportation and character development for ALL of the athletic teams at Fellowship Christian School.

Listen to our athletes tell you playing athletics makes them better students, better leaders, and better Christians.
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What is a booster club?
At Fellowship Christian School, the Booster Club is the support organization for ALL athletic programs, comprising dozens of teams and hundreds of student-athletes in every grade.

The mission of the Paladin Athletic Booster Club (PABC) is to support and promote the advancement of the athletic programs at Fellowship Christian School. The PABC provides financial and volunteer support to the sports teams, student-athletes, Athletic Director and the coaches.

Download a copy of the PABC Bylaws.

I've already paid tuition and a participation fee!
Tuition is not allocated to athletics at Fellowship Christian School. Team participation fees are the only internal source of funds for the Athletic Department, and are not enough to cover the cost of coaches, equipment, fees and travel for our student athletes. 

Annually the PABC provides up to $100,000 in support, providing coaching salary support, transportation, hospitality and critical infrastructure and technology for our coaches and players.

Why join and support the Booster Club?
By joining the Booster Club, you are making the biggest investment you can make - a tangible difference in the lives of our student athletes. Your membership helps us pay for quality coaches, advanced strength and conditioning, skilled athletic trainers, long-term field and court maintenance, playoff travel, equipment, uniforms, facility management, and more. To achieve all this, we need your help in supporting our student athletes with a membership and participation in our fundraising activities like the annual golf tournament.

Why is it so expensive?
We recognize that joining the Booster Club represents a significant investment - but it is an investment in the future of our student athletes. Our membership fees enable us to provide the best coaching, equipment, facilities and experiences possible for our young men and women.

However, we also recognize that during the Fall season, in particular, there are a lot of other costs incurred by our families and so we are very excited to announce the Booster Club Deferred Payment Plan through FACTS only. When you register for a 'Champion' Level membership now, during the Fall semester of the 2021-2022 academic year, you have the option of using the deferred payment plan splitting your membership fee in three payments. Learn more on our Family Membership page.

What are the benefits of membership?
The number one benefit of participating in the Paladin Athletic Booster Club is making an impact on the future of our student athletes. And it does make a difference!

Besides priceless moments for your child, lifelong friendships with Fellowship families, and the unique opportunity to play multiple sports, each member receives a number of direct benefits for their family, which can be seen on our Family Membership or Corporate Membership pages.

Who approves Booster Club spending?
The Paladin Athletic Booster Club Board approves all spending and includes representation from the school faculty and athletic department. The athletic department's goal is to sustain a successful program for ALL sports. Below you will find a list of the current Booster Club Board members - please feel free to reach out to any of the members and ask them why your participation in the Booster Club is so important!

Who is on the Paladin Athletic Booster Club Board?

2021-2022 Paladin Athletic Booster Club Board Members

Jay Waggoner (President)

David Lowery (Athletics Advisor) Beth Buchweitz (Faculty Advisor)
Chip Cookston
(Past President)
Kellie Ferguson 
(Member co-Chair)
Alison Nokes (Member co-Chair)
Kristi Wright
(Spiritwear co-Chair)
  Rebecca Latora
(Marketing Chair)
Jeff Cole
(Concessions Chair)
Ricky Silvers Mason Beard
Christy Elphick Tim Klatt Mike Taylor
Pat Thompson    

The PABC supports every athlete in every sport at every level within Fellowship Christian School. Please join today and help us build champions on and off the field!