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Dedication, patience, a willingness to learn, and good sportsmanship... these are some of the qualities that it takes to be an angler. As a member of the high school fishing team students learn strategy, teamwork, and how to endure mentally and physically through tough challenges. Fishing is a lifetime sport, and a great alternative to traditional high school sports. Students who participate have the opportunity to qualify for college scholarships.  


Teams are composed of 2 students and 1 captain (over the age of 18). 

The teams of 2 must remain partners for the year, but the captain can change each tournament. The captain is typically a parent, older sibling or family friend.

Each team of 2 must have access to a boat.

Tournaments are held once a month on Saturdays for a total of 10 tournaments.

Teams qualifying for state, will need to participate at least 3 tournaments. 

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