College Soccer Success

Fellowship Graduate Luke Morcos Joins Bob Jones University Lineup

Luke Morcos made the most of his first collegiate soccer season.

The 2019 graduate Fellowship Christian School earned 15 starts and played in 17 out of 18 games for the Bob Jones University Bruins this past fall. He wears jersey No. 15 for the Bruins. Morcos took played in a career-high 90 minutes on Nov. 9 against Pensacola Christian.

"It was a really good year," said Morcos, a 5-foot-11 center back. "I was sick for one game, but I played in and started most games. I played a lot more games than I expected. The starting center back was injured heading into the season, so I got to start right away. When he came back he moved to midfield."

The Bruins finished 6-12 overall, including a 3-1 mark in the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA), under head coach Matt Hotchkin. The Bruins' head coach returned to his alma mater this fall after 17 years coaching collegiate soccer at both the NAIA and NCCAA levels.

"We had a new coach this year," Morcos said. "We had a losing record, but a lot of our loses were 1-0 or 2-1. We had a decent defense, and I think we grew together as a team this year. We hope to win some more of those close games this year."

The Bob Jones University soccer team enters the 2020 season with three seniors, eight juniors and many sophomores and freshmen. The preseason begins for the Bruins the second week in August.

Morcos has spent the summer preparing for his second collegiate season.

"My workout and fitness regimen have drastically changed [from Fellowship to college]," Morcos said. "My workouts are so much more intense. My goal is to run two miles in under 12 minutes when I get there for camp."

Morcos, a pre-med major, is also focused on other fitness goals that including passing the strength goals in the bench and squat as well.

Morcos, who led the FCS varsity defense at center back for several seasons following a stellar middle school career, saw a major difference in level of play of the NCCAA.

"It is a lot more intense," he said. "In college, every player is fast and strong."

Fellowship prepared Morcos for college very well.

"Academically it was not too big of a change though as I had a lot of AP classes at Fellowship," he said.

On the field, Morcos will help a Bruins squad that's moving into NCAA Division III from the NCCAA.

"We're going through a transition," Morcos said. "It could take up to three years [to complete], but we play many Division III and Division II schools now."

(Photo courtesy of Bob Jones University)