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2022-2023 Paladin Adventure Club

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Authorized to Pick-Up: ID is required at Pick-Up

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Registration Fee is $50 per student or $75 per family. Fee is billed through FACTS.

*Applicable when FCS resumes Before Care​​
*Applicable when FCS resumes Before Care​​

Before School: Non-Registered Drop-in Rate is $7 per child, per day. *When FCS resumes Before Care

After School: Non-Registered Drop-in Rate is $15 per child, per hour.

The drop-in option is used for emergency/unplanned situations only. If a child exceeds 3 drop-ins, you will be required to complete the registration process thus being billed a registration fee.

By signing this form below I understand and agree to the following: • Parents/guardians/siblings who are dropping off participating PAC students between 7:00-7:30 am must park and escort them into Gym 2 where they will sign them in. *When FCS resumes Before Care • Several times a year elementary students are dismissed at noon. On these pre-scheduled dates, students must be picked up on time. Aftercare WILL NOT be provided on half days. • My child(ren) will not be allowed to enter or leave the facility unless escorted by the parent(s), person(s) as authorized above or PAC Personnel. Please note: An ID is required for pick-up. • I acknowledge it is my responsibility to keep all records updated to reflect any changes. • PAC personnel will inform me of any incident, including illness, injury, or exposure to communicable diseases, which may affect my child(ren). • Parents of children who participate in the program are required to read the PAC Program Policies available on the website. • I will send a healthy snack for my child(ren) on days they stay for afternoon PAC.​​​​​​