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We are trailblazing uncharted territory together as a school in the online education of our students. We are calling it Fellowship Online! Our teachers are working very hard to quickly get our students up to speed on new online platforms in order to find ways to keep learning engaging and doable. We understand that this first week has been about acclimating to this new learning environment. Based on feedback and the consideration of teaching remotely even longer,  we are wanted to add more conformity and structure to the daily schedule of the students as we transition into our second week of Fellowship Online learning . This will help to clarify expectations of the students. This will also build in more opportunity for teachers to connect with your students, making the online experience better.  We feel that adding additional structure will also help decrease anxiety about how school should look like on a daily basis and provide a specific plan to follow. It will also clarify for students what teacher expectations are and how/when they can access teachers on a daily basis.  

Fellowship Online Daily Calendar:

Beginning Monday, 3/23, students will be expected to follow the daily schedule for their grade level. This schedule is based on class periods, not subject. For example, 1st period will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week from 9:00-10:00 AM. Students are instructed to log onto Google Classroom just before 9:00 AM and read instruction posted by the teacher regarding the 60 minutes dedicated to 1st period. This may be a LIVE session, an online check-in or a prerecorded lesson with an assignment to complete. We will continue with three academic period time slots per day. Each week, the daily schedule will be posted on the grade level Google Classroom that your student was invited to join. This is also the place to hear morning announcements and devotional messages.

Student Expectations:

  • Be online and engaged with school daily, following the daily calendar for class periods.
  • Use time wisely and be organized, be self-directed, and be willing to put in the needed time.
  • Check the grade level Google Classroom daily for announcements and ask grade level questions.
  • Log onto the subject Google classroom before 9:00am to receive a daily checklist and instruction from your teacher.
  • Read the instructions carefully, and actively participate in online class activities.
  • Complete AND turn in all assignments by the deadline provided by the teacher.
  • Be on time and present for the whole time (unless otherwise directed by your teacher) for all LIVE sessions scheduled by your teacher.
  • Teachers will be taking attendance at LIVE sessions. Notify a teacher if you cannot be present for the LIVE session.  

Attendance procedure:

If your student is ill and cannot attend live sessions for the day or complete assigned work, please email Lisa will in turn notify teachers daily of “absent” students.

Teacher accessibility:

Teachers are communicating with students regarding how to contact them during the day. The expectation should be that teachers are available 8:00-4:00 PM to answer emails, during posted office hours and during the allotted time period on the schedule. Any emails sent after 4:00 PM may not be answered until the following day. Teachers have been asked to email parents if they have any concerns about a student’s attendance at Live sessions, promptness with assignments, or online etiquette that causes session distractions. 

The Fellowship standard for academics has not changed. However, we are definitely navigating a new platform for learning that requires more partnership than ever between administration, parents and teachers.