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What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is our number one fundraising priority of Fellowship Christian School, providing an opportunity to partner together in transformational giving. At Fellowship, we are proud that our tuition covers 100% of our operating budget. Therefore, the Annual Fund goes above and beyond what tuition covers: investing in our student programming, faculty and staff development and facility improvements. Our motto is Every Family, Every Year.

At Fellowship Christian School, we are stewarding a community of prayerful. purposeful and generous families. We believe through our generosity, God can do more than we could ask, think or even imagine.

Annual Fund Initiatives


Safety and Security on our campus is essential at Fellowship. This year we are continuing to invest in additional measures enhancing our security systems and teams.


At Fellowship, we vigorously review curriculum annually. This year, the Annual Fund will provide the Generous Classroom curriculum for K-5th grade. The Generous Students Programs creates lifelong givers and equips kids with the tools they need to live with purpose and give joyfully.

Additionally, we will be adding a digital social habits curriculum for K-12th grade, which provides practical knowledge from a Biblical worldview, assisting students and parents in navigating social media and technology in healthy ways. 



Capital improvements benefit us all as we strive to provide excellence in and out of the classroom. This year, capital improvements will include sidewalk and gate updating, upgrades to Studio 86, enhanced protection for Gym 1 floor, digital signage for ES and MS carpools and essential products to meet the needs of our expanding school. 


Cutting edge technology helps us prepare our students for the future. This year, the Annual Fund will invest in a digital camera with mirrorless technology. We will also invest in essential equipment for our expanding ceramics class and tools for set building to benefit the performing arts. 


The Annual Fund will support Professional Development for our teachers, faculty and staff at Fellowship - an investment that directly benefits our students in real time!


The Annual Fund will help purchase an additional Fellowship wrapped bus to help facilitate field trips and out of classroom learning.   

2023 Annual Fund Results

Our Annual Fund Rally is a 10-day ALL-IN Campaign. Thank you to our parents, grandparents and friends of Fellowship for making our 2023-2024 Annual Fund Rally a SUCCESS with 95% parent participation

Why Every Family, Every Year?

With every family making a gift, we are able to provide our entire community with thoughtful experiences, program enrichment and an individual sense of belonging.

Ways to Support the Annual Fund

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We are so grateful for your giving and support of Fellowship Christian School.
All gifts to the Annual Fund are tax deductible. Please contact Chief Advancement Officer, Joel Schuster, with any questions or concerns regarding the Annual Fund.