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What is Georgia GOAL?

An opportunity to redirect your Georgia tax dollars to Fellowship Christian School for the purpose of providing financial aid assistance to FCS students.

Fellowship currently has 27 students on GOAL Scholarship! By applying today you can tell the State of Georgia to use your tax dollars to provide other children the opportunity to attend FCS.

The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program has become so popular that the demand for credits has exceeded the maximum amount permitted by law. Therefore, the tax credits are prorated based on the number of applications received. You can help provide the scholarship dollars by applying for your tax credit today. Whatever amount you are approved for (due to proration) and pay, FCS will receive 100% of your re-directed tax dollars and you will receive 100% Georgia income tax credit. It’s a win-win for you and Fellowship! 


How You Can Participate:

The state allows taxpayers to take part in GOAL at the following maximum credits:

Single filers – up to $1,000

Married and filing jointly – up to $2,500

Individual owner of a S-Corp, LLC, or Partnership (pass-through entity)–up to 10,000

(If taxpayer’s spouse is also an owner, the couple may be allowed a tax credit of $10,000 each, for a total of $20,000.)

C-Corporations – up to 75% of Georgia tax liability

Apply Today:

Please take just 20 seconds to apply for your 2020 tax credit by completing this online application form. Nothing further is required until your payment is due in mid-March of 2020.


Take the Credit:

You will claim a tax credit on your 2020 Georgia income tax return for the full amount of your contribution to GOAL, thereby recouping your funds. (Georgia GOAL will send you instructions for claiming the tax credit.)

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Development, Joel Schuster.

Let’s go for the GOAL! Thank you for participating!


In 2008, The State of Georgia created the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program. The mission of the program is to provide greater opportunities for access to learning for all Georgia children. By selecting to participate, taxpayers are provided the opportunity to redirect and pre-pay a portion of their state taxes to benefit students at the independent school of their choice. 

Due to the generosity of over 100 Fellowship families and friends, 26 students received a biblically grounded, academically challenging education at FCS last year. The primary recipients were elementary aged students like, Jack and Anna (pictured above) whose dad Ryan states:

“Georgia GOAL, in partnership with FCS, has created opportunities for my family we never thought were possible.  Today, my family is blessed beyond measure to be fully invested at the school, and it is bearing rich, godly fruit in the lives of our children.  We know that every day, they are sincerely loved and taught with excellence. Moreover, we also know it is the intentional redirection of tax dollars by Fellowship families that makes this opportunity a reality for my family. 

My hope and prayer is that Fellowship families understand that what may seem like an impersonal tax matter is actually deeply personal and treasured by others they walk by in the halls each day.

 I think it is easy for the GOAL program to be misinterpreted as a fundraiser, but it really doesn’t operate that way.  I like to think of GOAL as a no-loss opportunity for families to enrich and preserve our school community.  A little extra effort and    deliberate planning do indeed go a long way in blessing many families.  From all of us, thank you!”

Our mission at Fellowship Christian School is to provide a Covenant Christian education to as many families as possible. Thank you to those supporters who have made this a reality for our scholarship recipients.