A History of Gaming

CAD 1 Class Project - Roswell, GA High School STEM Program

A History of Gaming is a gear based mechanism that highlights some of the most popular video games of the 70's, 80's and 90's. The art piece was designed by our 9th grade STEM class.

After the students came up with the theme - A History of Gaming - each student designed a moving display based on a favorite game. They designed and simulated the moving parts using Fusion360, a next generation Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool. The students cut most of the parts using a laser cutter and made other parts using a 3D printer. The assembled displays were mounted on a larger display with a central gear that when turned, powers the students' individual displays. 

"We were really excited about the end result and what the students accomplished. It really blew us away," said Drew Lawes, STEM Faculty and class instructor. "The students had a lot of fun building this. They learned new computer aided design techniques, how to use STEM shop tools and how to work together to create something really great."

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