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What We Do

The STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) study God's truths at work - within our bodies, our universe, and out ever-changing, ever-connected lives. Our STEM program prepares students to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by an increasingly digital world through hands-on, project-based learning in our innovative STEM lab and in real life. It also prepares our students to positively impact these fields - and the world - as they build on their Fellowship foundation through future STEM studies and careers of their own.

STEM Enrollment is available for all rising 9th and 10th grade students. Students accepted into the track will engage in a demanding program of study focusing on STEM related competencies and hands-on experience.



STEM Diploma

A student must accumulate a minimum of 27-28 credits which include:

4 credits in Mathematics – progression specific to chosen pathway. May include courses through AP Calculus BC.

3 credits in Social Science - must include World History/AP World History, U.S. History/AP U.S. History, Government (1/2 credit)/AP Government, and Economics (1/2 credit).

4 credits in Science - must include a minimum of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and an advanced elective.

4 credits in English - must include Introduction to Literature/Honors, World Literature/Honors, American Literature/Honors or AP Language, and British Literature/Honors or AP Literature.

4 credits of Bible - one for each full school year for which the student is enrolled in high school at FCS.

2 credits of Foreign Language - students must complete two years of the same foreign language.

2 credits of STEM Competency Courses – must include one unit of design and one unit of programming.

2 to 3 credits of STEM Electives – varies by Pathway.

1 credit in a senior year Capstone Design Project.

1 semester of Physical Education.

1 semester of Health.

At least 3 of the above must be at the Dual Enrollment or AP level.

Final cumulative numeric average must be 80.0 or higher.



Take a tour of the STEM lab. 


We are blessed at Fellowship Christian School to have students with varying interests, talents, and goals.  It is our desire that the STEM track be accessible for students who show an interest/aptitude in the STEM disciplines.  STEM students may enroll in one of the following three pathways or begin a core program of study.


Which Pathway is right for me?

The STEM Track at Fellowship Christian School offers three different Pathways to accommodate the different interests, talents, and goals of our students.  Each Pathway has the distinction of earning a STEM diploma upon graduation.  The STEM diploma provides each student with the recognition of a unique accomplishment.  It provides a rewarding and permanent record of the rigor and breath of study that was accomplished in high school.   

Each Pathway requires a combination of on-level, honors, dual enrollment, and AP courses.  Students are always encouraged to take the highest-level course available.  At least three courses must be at the dual enrollment or AP level. The mathematical requirements for each Pathway differs slightly and should be taken into consideration when choosing a Pathway.  Students who love math or find it easy, should always seek to take advantage of all the advanced math opportunities here at Fellowship.  Regardless of Pathway, each STEM student will be well prepared for college.  Learning how to learn is the hallmark of the STEM program.  With that, the opportunities are endless. 

The descriptions below provide general information for each Pathway.  They are followed by course plans which outline the graduation requirements.  Students may always begin with the STEM Core program and then declare a Pathway prior to their junior year.   


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The Core Program

The ‘Core’ program provides them with the necessary math and science foundational skills, making it possible for them to specialize in any of the pathways at a later date.  Math and science courses are accelerated to support specialized courses as early as possible.  At least one year of programming is required for all pathways as coding has become a foundational skill for any STEM field.  Although the state of Georgia recognizes computer programming as a foreign language, many universities are still looking for students who demonstrate an international vision and interest.  Therefore, at least two years of a spoken language is also required. 


Regardless of the Pathway or program plan, students who are accepted into the STEM diploma track are joining a special group of like-minded individuals who have a passion for all things STEM.  STEM students form an identity and bond, engage in extra-curricular activities, and develop strong friendships. 

The STEM faculty invests in each student providing counsel, support, and encouragement.  It is our goal that each STEM graduate will be well prepared for college and develop a love for learning that will last a lifetime.


The STEM program at FCS will be characterized by continuous change and improvement as associated with the technologies it represents.   Our goal is to glorify God through our pursuit of excellence in STEM. 

God instructs us in Genesis 1 to be stewards of His creation¾to subdue and rule over the earth.  In the 21st century and beyond, the STEM disciplines will drive this effort.



STEM Roswell, GA

Applications are now being accepted for the STEM Diploma Track. Enrollment is open for rising 9th and 10th grade students. Students accepted into the track will engage in a demanding program of study focusing on STEM related competencies and hands-on experience.

STEM High School Roswell GA

Facts & Questions

FCS will partner with local companies to host student interns. Many of these may be with companies of current FCS families. Internships will normally occur in the summer following the junior year, or during the 1st or 2nd semester of the senior year. Internships are normally unpaid positions in which students gain invaluable work experience. Students will earn 0.5 units of course credit for each 75 clock hours of internship service.