Dear Fellowship Family,

Below are important updates on the K-5 Sports program for the 22/23 winter and spring seasons and the program's future.   K-5 Sports: Despite our best efforts, hiring someone for the K-5 Sports Coordinator position remains unfilled to date, preventing us from successfully running the program in the foreseeable future. At this point, we are canceling the 22/23 winter and spring seasons. While this is not what we had hoped, it will provide the time to restructure and relaunch K-5 Sports in a stronger and more sustainable form aligned with desired program goals. We are still working to find the right leader for the program who can move it forward. If you know anyone who would be qualified and enjoy investing in the lives of elementary-aged children through sports, please have them contact Jamey Theriault our HR Director, at     Auxiliary Programs: There is one point of clarity I would like to make regarding the relationship between K-5 Sports and Auxiliary Programs. Previously, our Auxiliary Programs Director led the K-5 Sports Program. We have recently restructured the K5 Sports role moving it under Athletics for a more cohesive direction. The new Coordinator will report to our Director of Athletics, David Lowery, who will lead the search and primarily be responsible for restructuring the program as we look forward to its relaunch.   I am sincerely sorry for any further inconvenience this has created for your family. Hopefully, we have provided you with adequate notice to find an alternative recreational program for the winter and spring seasons. I am grateful for your understanding and partnership.   In His Service,    Dr. Kathryn M. Teston

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