Elementary Learning Activities

Summer  2021

Our elementary team believes that there are numerous benefits to summer learning opportunities.  While we do not want summer learning to be burdensome, we do believe children can regress if they do not have opportunities to read, write and practice mathematics during the summer months. This year we are excited to a roll out a new and innovative approach to summer learning activities.  Our desire is to provide authentic, choice driven activities that will keep students engaged, yet provide freedom for families to truly enjoy the summer months. We want children to read books, write for a purpose and engage in math activities that help build fluency in the learning of basic facts.  Each grade level has provided activities that can be completed at home during the summer months.

We encourage summer service projects and would love to create a social media photo album of your summer service experiences.  As you love others through random acts of service, kindness or mission trips take a photo of your experience and tag Fellowship on Instagram:   #FCSgoservelove @Fellowship_christian_school.


Grade Level Learning Activities

*Rising indicates the grade your child will be entering in the 2020/2021 school year.

Roswell Summer School


Finally, we would love to hear from you as you travel this summer.  Please send us postcards from your travels. We will have a drawing from the postcards we receive after school begins and award prizes to a few winners!  

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